26 août 2009

He was a Kennedy!

Too bad he wouldn't see the emergence of universal health coverage! Life sucks sometimes...
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19 janvier 2009

French cuisine 101

In Hollywood, you have slasher movies. In France, we have "cooking TV shows". Enjoy....
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02 juin 2008

Hard times coming in suburbia...

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27 mars 2008

The President, The Queen and the Shadoks...

I remember that, while I was in Boston, many american people asked me why the french hated the english so much. My usual answer was "Because they are the Ennemy" which, I recognize, did not enlighten the debate at all but unexpectedly made a lot of people happy there. I also used to elaborate on the non existent and therefore infinitely conceptual english cuisine which, I recognize, is a rather unfair answer. As everybody knows in the Solar System and beyond, food is the real talon d'Achilles of the United Kingdom... But with Our... [Lire la suite]
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06 janvier 2008

My wishes for 2008...

A few days ago, in a sudden access of hubris, I promised you my wishes for the year 2008. But after a few days, I'am still wondering what they could be apart from the usual stuff: peace, love, prosperity and good heath for you and your family. Unfortunately, I'am afraid it will be easier for the average american citizen to loose 20 pounds than to clean up the tremendous mess left by the Bush administration... and to provide prosperity to the one or two million american families trapped in the subprime aftermath a part of which are... [Lire la suite]
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04 janvier 2008

Goodbye 2007!!! (French perspective)

Of course, we elected a new president, we got a Nobel Prize in Physics, a divorced president and a brand new Top Model First Lady, we even got the iPhone before Chrismas but.... through this turmoil, France has remained France: Enjoy... and wait for my 2008 wishes on Sunday!
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09 décembre 2007

White and wild night in Lyon

Today in Lyon is a special day. It is the Fête des Lumières ("celebration of the light" as we call it). Started in the 19th century in connection to religious history, it is a well established tradition. All around the city, artists use buildings and light to create ephemere artwork while many inhabitants put candles on the border of their windows. During three nights, tens of thousands of people wolk around the city contemplating the lights. This year, Louis XIV, or more precisely the statue of this famous king, has been... [Lire la suite]
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22 novembre 2007

Thanksgiving: en France, on fait passer un ancien président à la casserole.

On this Thanksgiving evening, American families will share the traditional turkey... I have estimated that today, tens of millions of turkey will be eaten in the US. In France, this year, we have finally decided to celebrate Thanksgiving. But instead of condemning 70 million turkeys to bo roasted in our kitchens, we have just targeted a single individual: our former president Jaques Chirac, who has just been put under formal investigation for public funding diversion occuring when he was mayor of Paris. Between 1977 ansd 1995,... [Lire la suite]
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12 novembre 2007

A french president in Washington

Each time our president will cross the Atlantic, I expect to receive some mail from BU... At least this time it was the case. But I won't tell who wrote me (-: ... Of course, all american media reported about it, including the NY times... According to them, it's like a new honeymoon in a couple that went throught tough times. A born again romance between France and America after the dispute over the war in Irak. Sarkozy, our "eternal seducer" president, was desperately looking forward to this visit as an opportunity to declare his... [Lire la suite]
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28 octobre 2007

Little differences...

Moving from the US to France implies a few changes in your habbits. Of course, there is the metric system. So forget about oz, inches, feet and pounds. As a matter of fact, it makes things easier at least for me. As a side effect, the quarter pound cheese is called the Royal Cheese. The supermarket is a big change. First of all, there is no peanut butter (or its hidden deep in the dark corners of the shop) and there are many more fruits and vegetable. Moreover they look in a much better shape apart from the ones at Whole Food... [Lire la suite]
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